General secretary of the church of Pentecost Apostle Nana Yaw Kumi, during an on-going Pentecost convention on 26th January,2019 at Gomoah fetteh near kasoa in the central region disclosed the church displeasure of romantic pre-wedding pictures that attract public attention with a usual caption “SAVE THE DATE”.

He said some of the so- called pre-wedding photos portray indecency. In some of the pictures, a lady will be sitting on the lap of a man, some men raise the ladies in the air, others are also seen touching erotic part of the woman and a whole lot of ungodly actions.
He further said,during pre-engagement time under the guise of courting, soon to be couples post pictures suggesting that they are already married, the worst action you could also see is that, some go to the extent of touching and doing things that only supposed to be done by married couples.

Ending his statement, he charged all pastors of the church to encourage moderate and decent weddings to minimize cost and urged the church to pull a break on romantic pre-wedding pictures before the sanctity of holy matrimony is broken.
Finally, He stressed on the point that, the church shall continue to hold in high esteem chastity in marriage and strongly frown upon pre-marital sexual relationship between prospective couples.

All these are of no good reasons

Source : Mensah Kingsley, IconzplayMultimedia Reporter



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