The US embassy in Ghana has announced that Ghanaian citizens are impose with VISA restrictions by the U.S government. The embassy did not categorically give much details about the applicant affected by the U.S VISA sanctions.
On Thursday 24 January, 2019. US secretary of state Mike Pompeo ordered the consular officers in Ghana to start implementing visa restriction on certain categories of visa application.
Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen explain the reason behind the issuance of restriction by saying ” Ghana has failed to live up to it’s obligations under international law to accept the return of it’s nationals deported from the united state.
Iconzplay Multimedia upon hearing the news, took a glimpse on the US embassy website all to see explicit statement that read ”All non immigrants Visa to domestic employees (A3 and G5) given to Ghanaian Diplomats posted in the US are affected by the Visa restrictions. The restrictions excludes students Visa, new tourists, Ghanaian executives and legislative employees, their spouses and children under 21 years of age are not affected but their Visa validity, is limited to one month and one single entry to the US.

Reported By Mensah Kingsley,Iconzplay Multimedia

Editor : Sam Icon


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