Renowned journalist Anas Aremeyaw together with tiger eye PI have boldly come out with an explosive audio and video tape to foster investigation for the arrest of Ahmed H. Saule perpetrators.
They submitted a tape to Ghana police to assist them in their investigations into the murder of investigative journalist who was shot to death three times on the chest at Accra-Medina by unknown assailants on 16th January, 2019.
The relentless journalist together with Tiger Eye P1 sent the tapes to the police. The tapes contain death threats on the life of the assassinated under-cover journalist and another member of the team who worked on a documentary dubbed #Number 12.
According to Tiger Eyes PI firm, Anas and his tiger eye team were invited by the police after they sent the police the tape and video two weeks ago.
Ace international renowned journalist Anas Aremeyaw, met the police on January 31, 2019, to provide them with further details about the tape, which talks about actual circumstances surrounding it and why Tiger eye believed it was of relevance to their investigations into the matter.

Source : Iconzplay Multimedia, Reported by Mensah Kingsley.

Editor; Sam Icon


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