The people of winneba, administration and entire students of the University of Education, Winneba on yesterday 6th February, 2019 have been gripped with sadness and sorrow as a level 100 ICT student drowned at the winneba beach while swimming. The deceased whose name is Bernard and a member of the ICT department lost his life around 4:00pm when he and a group of about 40 students went to the beach to relax and have a good time since official school business has not started. The exact cause as to how he drowned is not known but our investigations revealed that almost every year a student die through drowning. Our investigations also revealed that on the 20th of August last year two contestants of a beauty queen pageant lost their lives while taking photos when a strong wind struck them from behind.
In addition, it was also revealed that in 2016 a final year student drowned and lost his life when he went for a swim while celebrating his birthday with friends. Also, on the 13th of September 2010, a level 200 graphic designer student also drowned and died when he went for a swim. The question we are therefore asking is should the school continue allowing the students go to the beach? Tell us what you think in the comment section below…

Reported by Mensah Kingsley, Iconzplay Multimedia.

Editor: Sam Icon


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