The fake aspect of Valentine’s Day that you need to know…


It’s that time of the year again. The fragrance of love is wafting through the air, and it smells heaven, is that a hint of heartbreak and disaster I can feel that?

Photo credit: 1234rf

Lots of us feel a bit lonely on Valentine’s Day if we are single because seeing couples out and around serves to highlight our loneliness. For some of us, we see how much attention and affection people are giving one another and we cannot relate. We can’t help but remember the pain and fear our significant other gave us. We start to wonder, for a million time: why me? Let’s hold it there!
“A guy becomes twice as attractive when he says he loves Jesus, 5 times more attractive when he’s worshipping God, 10 times more attractive when he knows his Bible, and 100 times more attractive when he’s praying over someone. It’s the truth!”- Beth Kinder
If we do not have a relationship like that with Christ, then what we are seeking and giving is a fake love that never satisfies and always leave us wanting.

Photo credit : Budas

The emphasis on the fake aspect in Valentine’s Day is very logical and real to be told. On this fake day, people eat, drink, buy chocolates, flowers, Cars, Private Jets and many more, for their love ones. All these gifts ushered are quite good though but at all cost, 80% percent of lovers get divorced. The question is, where is the LOVE?

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Author: Sam Icon
Source: @iconzplay multimedia


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