President Akufo-Addo on Friday, 22nd February,2019 presented 140 vehicles, comprising 50 Ankai buses, 40 Toyota Landcruiser Hardbody Vehicles and 50 Toyota Hilux Pickups, to the Ghana Armed Forces, in fulfillment of an October 2018 pledge he made to the military.

At the event, the president made it known that additional 48 vehicles will soon be presented to them.
The president who is technically the commander-in-chief of Ghana armed forces told the officers, men and women of the Armed Forces that “our vision of ensuring equitable distribution of development, progress and prosperity to all parts of the country can only be made possible in an atmosphere of peace and security. We are determined to continue in this vein, and meet the needs of the Armed Forces.”

He continued to say that, one of his first acts as President was to increase the United Nations Peacekeeping Troops contribution allowances from $30 to $35 per soldier per day. He also cleared the outstanding arrears of $13 million for all peacekeeping personnel, and ensured that the contingents in the Gambia were paid all their allowances in full. The completion of the 3rd Phase of the 37 Military Hospital, President Akufo-Addo said, is receiving due attention, “and He as president is also focused on completing and commissioning the 500-bed Military Hospital in the Ashanti Region, and beginning the third phase of this project soon.

Source: Iconzplay Multimedia


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