Kayla Willis, a graduate of Georgia high school has set a record of gaining admission to 31 universities and had received over $900,000 scholarships.
Willis had 3.96 GPA and 1160 SAT score.
It was noted that, she reportedly applied to 50 colleges at all levels and received more than $900,000 in scholarships from the universities that have already responded and sent acceptance letters.
Her acceptances have been posted on wall with others in the ‘senior hall’ at her high school. Under her photo is a long list of schools, including information regarding scholarships she was offered.
On 24th February,2019, the record setter posted Her photo on Twitter with the caption ” i kinda didn’t want to post this, but someone said “the whole world needs to know how great you are, so here we go twitter!”
A week after posting, her picture has gone viral and has gained over 147,000 likes and more than 32,000 retweets.
She was asked of what encouraged her to post the photos? She replied “I was encouraged by family and friends to share the photo on Twitter”.
According to Willis, her motivation is the saying “Hardwork pays”.
She narrated the feel after posting the pictures. She said, “I posted, turned off my phone, clocked into work and I just keep hearing a bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing,” she told the news station. “And I’m like, what is going on? Am I going viral right now?”
“They’re missing a few but I’m not going to complain or brag because I still have a lot underneath there,”.
“I wanted to inspire people and show them that you can actually dream big and get to where you want to go,” she added.
Despite the fact that Willis may have more acceptances rolling in, and she has plenty of options to consider, the savvy teen has already made her choice. She’s accepted a full-ride scholarship from the iconic Fisk University, an HBCU in Nashville, Tennessee, where she intends to major in International Business and Spanish.

Source: Iconzplay.com

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