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[Download mp3]: Wizkid – Joro

Wizkid – Joro


We need Change – Sarkodie to Politicians—

Michael Owusu Addo popularly known as Sarkodie aggressively denounced that, Ghanaians should forget about the two dominated parties. On his page as he wrote;

“We need to take the power back into our hands, let’s forget this NPP NDC things and look at our future … We need change!

Till we as a people come together as one to determine who gets the power to rule, we will still be stuck with leaders who can get away with bad governance and we just fall back in that same cycle over and over again

I see my brother A Plus trying to form The People’s Party that’s, us as a people not NPP or NDC supporters and I love the concept. I support it .. Need more details on how it works… So we all can join and have the power to decide who stays in power

That’s what the world is doing to us and that’s what our leaders are doing to the people …

Keep the people suffering and they stay vulnerable… When you broke, your decisions can be manipulated with the bag “

HipPop Singer/ Rapper; Genius KD Set to Release one of the finest debut EP(Sweat & Prospect EP)

Sweet & Prospect EP

GENIUS KD is a HipPop singer /rapper brings to us his debut Ep (SWEAT & PROSPECT).
SWEAT & PROSPECT is a HipPop Ep with a creative fusion of R&B, AfroBeat, HipLife, Pop, trap and urban Gospel flare.

The entire songs on the Ep were recorded in a Year(2018) with much efforts and hardworking. Final mastering and mixing was completed in September 15th 2019 by Rayne Productions. Genius pours out some spirit of versatility and originality on this project. Amazingly, he connects the dots by touching on his struggles and how he picked himself up, the importance and influence of self worth, God’s divine help for mankind, Nationalism, essence of Parenting, power of positivity.

Furthermore, GENIUS KD talks about his love life which appeals to everyone.


Sincerely, my team has been so supportive to an extent that I can not exempt them from this project.

The likes of LSD Management & Team Genius; Jkhan, Tantu, JMKBeats, TeFlonBeat, ThaiBeat, Dj Tower, Rayne Productions (Final mix and Mastering,Wan Graphics for Ep Cover Art-The Art for SWEAT & PROSPECT EP) depicts a Statue of a freed Black slave Woman called Melissa who toiled very hard to get things changed for her entire family and her community, she never gave up on life .

Stay Blessed, connected and watch out for the Sweet & Prospect EP.

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Author: Emmanuel Kwaku Duah [Genius KD]

Editor: Sam Icon

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