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Watch video: Women twerk on men before Marriage -traditional dowry rite in Cameroon.

Tradition in every country is very beneficial to societal growth and more or less, self discipline to the people as an outcome.
No matter how the performance, it is of good use to the people in such society or community.
Ethnic groups in most African countries have different cultural practices and dowry rites. With more emphasis to that of Cameroonians’ traditional dowry rite in terms of marriage, beautiful Sisters will twerk on a Man for several time, do all sort of seductions and romance to make the Manhood(Penis) erect and on more serious note, ejaculating as well.
The main ideas and motives behind this traditional dowry rite is that, when you are able to withstand such acts by making up your mind for your Manhood(penis) to remain stable from erection, automatically you will have a wife.

Watch the video below